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Click on the link to my old website for pages from 1998-2005 or on this link for my family and friends pages if you are a friend or family looking for videos or pictures.

Short Bio

Born in Belfast, I spent much of my childhood in North America. I earned a liberal arts BA from Ambassador University before moving to France for nine years. I pursued studies in Accounting and Economics at L'INTEC Institute in Paris, France before completing a post-graduate diploma in Applied Linguistics at Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield, UK. I teach a variety of courses, including English at the Refugee Care Center Care Center in Thessaloniki, Greece. I have extensive experience in professional training courses and further education classes. I also have a passion for digital marketing and website development (e.g. V.I.P. Vacation Planners).

In 1995, I married Panayiota Piska, a Civil Engineer, from Greece and in 1997 our two lovely twin daughters, Vasilea and Chrysanthe, were born. They are now finishing their degree studies in Archealogy and History at the Thessaloniki University of Aristotle.